Sense-Time IPO Hong Kong

Sense-Time IPO Hong Kong

 An artificial intelligence company SenseTime Group Ltd. has being reportedly cooperating with HSBC which is an Holdings Plc which arrange the IPO in Hong Kong and accepted to raise at least $2 billion report also says that people are familiar with the matter on Tuesday. But both SenseTime and HSBC have yet not responded in any issued.

SenseTime IPO Hong Kong

SenseTime Group Ltd. Was first established in 2014, SenseTime Group Ltd. focuses manly on the research and development field of original technologies for computer vision and for the deep learning. 

The company has independently developed and has established deep learning and with a series of supercomputing platform for artificial intelligence technologies.


Sense Time

In early 2017, The founder of SenseTime, Tang Xiao’ou, one's said that

“the company is considering listing in the US, HK or the Chinese Mainland”, reported that SenseTime has been already completed 10 rounds for their financing from 2014 to 2018, and it also cumulative the financing amount which is almost about $4 billion.

Report analysis from Tencent also says that at the end of January 2021 that SenseTime completed there Pre-IPO round for fundraising in the end of 2020. 

Mainly the investors are the Chinese-funded institutions which including there some state-owned venture capital firms. SenseTime’s post-investment valuation which is approximately about $12 billion.

These Financing Plan of SenseTime, of which the company's documents are publicly, it also showed that the firm’s revenue was about 5.06 billion yuan which is roughly $78.05 million in 2019 with a profit margin of all time high 43%. And the gross profit is about to 2.16 billion yuan. In 2017 and 2018, the interest rate of SenseTime was 2% and 3% and the net profit margin was 11 million yuan and 59 million yuan respectively.

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