Top 5 Singapore Startups | Singapore Startup's

Top 5 Singapore Startups | Singapore Startup's


Top 5 Singapore Startups | Singapore Startup's
Singapore Startup

Top 5 Singapore Startups | Singapore Startup's

Hi there, so here we have brought to you five Singapore Startups in our collections.


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1. Coda Payments


Coda Payments first  founded in 2011 and the Headquarter is located in Singapore.

The code payments was founded by Bobby Choi, Neil Davidson, and Paul Leishman


 There is no need for any credit or any debit card. Their consumers are trusting Coda Payments to collect their revenues.

They are focused on enabling carrier billing and now it is goes further than that. Now they are facilitating payment from whatever means possible.


Top 5 Singapore Startups | Singapore Startup's
Coda Payments





AIDA was first founded in 2016 and their Headquarters is located in Singapore


The Founder of AIDA was Andrew Ang


AIDA is an developer of machine learning that provides solutions for the insurance and banking branch. They focused on delivering AI for risk and the compliance analytics. Their award-winning proprietary machine learning technology that gives a set of smart AI solutions and drives results for companies across all organizational.

They have won many awards like the Fintech Innovation Award 2017 Global Fintech and the Hackcelerator 2016 Award-winning AI & Machine Learning solutions.


Top 5 Singapore Startups | Singapore Startup's






3. Insider


The Insider was founded in 2012 and their Headquarter is in Singapore.


The Founder of Insider are Arda Koterin, Hande Cilingir, Mehmet Sinan Toktay, Okan Yedibela, Muharrem Derinkok, and Serhat Soyuerel


Insider provides a platform called Growth Management Platform (GMP) which enables digital marketers to drive growth from acquisition to activation, to retention, and to revenue. It uses an artificial intelligence and also machine learning to give their client detailed insights into targeting the right customers with the right messages. With such predictive segmentation, the marketers are empowered to deliver their personalized journeys across the web, mobile apps, and ad channels.


Top 5 Singapore Startups | Singapore Startup's




4. TradeGecko


The TradeGecko was founded in 2012 and was founded by Bradley Priest, Cameron Priest, and Carl Thompson


The Headquarter is located in Singapore

TradeGecko offers an online inventory and the order management software which enables SMEs to manage their sales and their supply chains on their platform. The users will receive thorough data insights and as well as their inventory, operations, and accounting e-solutions.


Top 5 Singapore Startups | Singapore Startup's



5. Pace


The Pace was founded in the year 2020

And the Headquarter is in Singapore


Pace an online payment platform which allows users to shop, spreading their purchases across later payment, so shop for more with no interest or the hidden fees. The Pace allow you to spread your purchases with 3 interest-free instalments.


Top 5 Singapore Startups | Singapore Startup's

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