Top 5 Startups from Brazil | Up Start Hike


Top 5 Startups from Brazil | Up Start Hike
Brazil Startup

Top 5 Startups from Brazil

Here are the top best startups from the Brazil. Some of them also have won rewards for their work and services.

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1. Wildlife Studios


Top 5 Startups from Brazil | Up Start Hike
Wildlife Studios

Wildlife Studios Mobile games developer was first founded in 2011, and it has grown exponentially.  Company offices are located in Argentina, Ireland, and the United States, and its home country of Brazil.


Wildlife Studios was portfolio of 60 games, which have more than two billion downloads. The company has 800 employees in its organization, and plans to expand further.



2. C6


Top 5 Startups from Brazil | Up Start Hike
C6 Online Bank

C6 is an online bank which was first founded in 2018. It provides current accounts, credit cards, and many facilitating investments. It was focused on working with individuals and the small- and medium-sized enterprises.

It includes payment platforms like PayGo and Setis.




3. QuintoAndar


Top 5 Startups from Brazil | Up Start Hike

QuintoAndar was first founded in 2014. QuintoAndar focused on real estate rentals and the sales. It manages the entire sale and the rental process, posting rentals on its app and there website, where the owners or landlords and prospective buyers negotiate the terms.


After an agreement, they’ll do all the necessary credit checks and provides an  contract through which the sale is finalized.



4. Nubank


Top 5 Startups from Brazil | Up Start Hike

It was first Founded in 2013 and the Headquarter is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil


The Nubank was founded by  Adam Edward Wible, Cristina Junqueira and David Velez



Nubank is a startup that is based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It handles the administration and also issuing the payments for credit cards and other equity investments. It is currently one of few Brazil startups that claim Unicorn status and being used by 17-million customers.






Top 5 Startups from Brazil | Up Start Hike

It was first Founded in 2012 and it's Headquarter is located in Curitiba, Brazil


The EBANX was founded by Alphonse Voigt, João Del Valle and Wagner Ruiz


EBANX is a startup within the fintech market. There company helps businesses to make end-to-end payment solutions that operate in Latin America. The company has won many awards in there past and they are continue growing.

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