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Companies in the Philippines

The Philippines has grown exponentially in many years. 

In this growing market, the largely grown in the high tech business.

Here is the list of the 12 Startup Companies in the Philippines which have grown faster and are also popular among the youngsters

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  1. Startechup
  2. Brainly
  3. MoneyMax
  4. Sprout Solutions
  5. iMoney
  6. ZenHours
  7. ZipMatch
  8. OrangeApps
  9. weeSpring
  10. Kumu
  11. Trending
  12. 199Jobs


Let's start with our list,

1) Startechup


Founded: 2013

Founders: Baptiste Leroux

It is a Software and Web Development Agency which is located in Cebu City, Philippines.  They are providing Mobile, Web, and IT solutions for the most exciting Startups and Enterprises all around the World. Their dedicated team of a total of 10 members is highly passionate about Web,  and IT solutions for making their customers successful.


2) Brainly


Founded: 2013

Founders: Coming soon

It is a learning platform. It is a peer-to-peer learning platform that provides students, parents, and teachers to ask, questions, and answer their homework questions online. These platform also has elements and futures of gamification in the form of motivational and add points and ranks which also makes it entertaining. It helps in encourages users and engage them in the online community by answering other users’ interesting questions.

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3) MoneyMax


Founded: 2014

Founders: Moritz Gastl

It is an online platform that helps in comparisons for car insurance, loans, and credit cards. They're offering the cheapest car insurance and work as an insurance brokerage in the market. They also ensure that their clients get the right banking products and also mobile protection plans so their clients can happy.


4) Sprout Solutions


Founded: 2015

Founders: Alexandria Gentry, Michael McCullough, Patrick Gentry

SS is a technology company. It is located in the Philippines. There are almost 99% Filipino employees. It is an HR Technology company. It aims for delivering the best automated payroll and HR solutions in the Philippines.

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5) iMoney


Founded: 2012

Founders: Lee Ching Wei

It is a Financial Service Company. It helps us to make intelligent decisions on money for our every living moment. It is the best money comparison site that offers us free and independent comparisons for financial products.


6) ZenHours


Founded: Coming soon

Founders: Coming soon

It is a Philippines-based company.  It develops products run by Autom8 Cloud. It also provides businesses with their cloud-based solutions. It is an HR and payroll management solution that is integrated with 4 software in 1 system.


7) ZipMatch


Founded: 2012

Founders: Chow Paredes, John Dang

It is an online real estate marketplace. It is based in the Philippines and They are aiming to empower homeownership. It is an online marketplace and it helps by offering a real-estate service for brokers, buyers, and real estate developers.

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8) OrangeApps


Founded: 2013

CEO: Gian Javelona

OA is a technology company. It builds products that are simple and powerful which helps in solving real-world problems. It is a mobile and web platform that allows universities and schools to manage their entire operations.


9) weeSpring


Founded: 2012

Founders: Allyson Downey, Jack Downey, Melissa Post

It is a social shopping platform. It is for new and expecting parents. They offer a quick window into the baby gear. It compares products within a single category to see and helps you find what your friends love, or your friend's favorites.


10) Kumu


Founded: 2017

Founders: Roland Navarro de Ros and Rexy Josh Dorado

It is a Pinoy community platform. It is where we can get paid only by live-streamer online, and we can also win cash prizes by playing different games and make money.

It is a video sharing and e-commerce social networking service in Filipino which is owned and developed by Kumumedia Technologies.


11) Trending


Founded: Coming soon

Founders: Coming soon

It is a Blog. It provides information on many topics such as Books, Business, Celebrity, Entertainment, Environment, Events, Food, Gaming, Health, How to’s, Music, News, People, Politics, Polls, Press Release, Stories, Talent, Tech, Travel, Videos, and many more.


12) 199Jobs


Founded: 2013

Founders: Fitz Villafuerte, Glenn Santos

The 199Jobs is a service and also a marketplace buyers can buy and sellers can sell. They are aiming to connect buyers with sellers for digital jobs.

It is a trusted online marketplace by Filipino sellers of digital products.

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This was our list of famous, successful startups and businesses from the Philippines. Hope this list of startup companies in the Philippines helps you. All these startups are one's an idea and which are after hard work become big companies and businesses. If you have any idea then start your own business with lots of hard work and quality service you will be on these lists.


Contact us to get featured in this list from wherever you live in the Philippines if you are running a startup or a business and have high potential.

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