Best Startup Companies in The UAE | Best Startup in The United Arab Emirates

Best Startup Companies in The UAE | Best Startup in The United Arab Emirates


Best Startup Companies in UAE

The United Arab Emirates has grown exponentially in few years. In this growing market, the large growth in the high tech and in the non-tech business.


Here is the list of Top 10 startup companies in The United Arab Emirates which have grown faster and is also popular among the youngsters

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Let us start with our list,

1) Klaim


Founded: 2020

Founders: Ghafoor Ahmad, Karim Dakki

It helps healthcare providers by easing their cash flow constraints with pending medical claims within less than 7 days.

It is a UAE-based tech and MF solutions provider that has been raised $1.6 million.


2) Sarwa


Founded: 2017

Founders: Jad Sayegh, Mark Chahwan, Nadine Mezher

It is an online platform. It is helping in investing in global markets and is affordable for investors in the Middle East.

It is a hybrid of its first automated investment platform.

These UAE-based tech has raised $15 million.

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3) Hotdesk


Founded: 2020

Founders: Coming soon

It is a UAE-based Platform for Workspaces.

It is an Online Platform. It connects Coworking Spaces and Office Owners with people who are looking for a place to get things done on time.




Founded: 2020

Founders: IQ Sayed, Jaideep Dhanoa

It is a UAE-based platform. It is a free-floating micro-mobility operator in the GCC region.

It is an electric scooter app. It provides access to Fenix electric scooters all over the city.

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5) Starzly


Founded: 2019

Founders: Badr Kachibal, Mouhcine Kachibal

It is a UAE-based entertainment media and tech company.

It is a unique and personalized platform that provides experience from our favorite celebrity.

By making a tech-based platform they are helping talents monetize their fan base.


6) Opontia


Founded: 2021

Founders: Manfred Meyer, Philip Johnston

It is a next-generation consumer holding group. They operate and scale outstanding e-commerce brand products.

They are HQ is located  in the UAE and KSA and sell to the UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Bahrain.


7) Odiggo


Founded: 2019

Founders: Ahmed Nasser, Ahmed Omar

It is a transforming car-parts market in the broader of Middle East.

It is a marketplace that connects it's customers to with established car parts suppliers and provide services around them.

They also provide IOT solutions.

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8) Invygo


Founded: 2018

Founders: Eslam Hussein, Pulkit Ganjoo

It provides deposit-free, all-inclusive experience free maintenance, servicing, and insurance.

It is an app that is based on a car subscription company that is offering a new way of getting a car. They believe in the mobility importance for everyone, regardless of any circumstances and finances.


9) Bawiq


Founded: 2017

Founder: Rajeev Lee

It is an ODGD (On-Demand Grocery Delivery) Platform.

Shop Smart, Shop bawiq

An e-commerce grocery delivery app. They have been growing fast since then. They provide various types of categories to shop such as pet care, fresh produce, car wash, and much more.


10) TruKKer


Founded: 2016

Founders: Gaurav Biswas, Pradeep Mallavarapu

It provides an online marketplace that helps carriers to search and book loads with a single click to keep their trucks.

It is a fast-growing freight company, which provides its services all over the UAE.

It is also transforming the fragmented logistics market by making it standardized, transparent, and efficient.

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This was our list of famous, successful startups and businesses from the United Arab Emirates. Hope this list of startup companies in the United Arab Emirates helps you. All these startups are one's an idea and which are after hard work become big companies and businesses. If you have any idea then start your own business with lots of hard work and quality service you will be on these lists.


Contact us to get featured in this list from wherever you live in the United Arab Emirates if you are running a startup or a business and have high potential.


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