12 Startup Companies in Indonesia | Top Companies in Indonesia

12 Startup Companies in Indonesia | Top Companies in Indonesia

Startup Companies in Indonesia

Indonesia has grown exponentially in many years. 

In this growing market, the largely grown in the high tech business.

Here is the list of the 12 Startup Companies in Indonesia which have grown faster and are also popular among the youngsters

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  1. MoneySmart
  2. TradeGecko
  3. Burpple
  4. Ghost
  5. SnapHunt
  6. EMERGE App
  7. Delta Exchange
  8. MageSolution
  9. Digify
  10. Osome
  11. StarNgage
  12. REVE Chat


Let us start with our list,


1) MoneySmart



Founded: 2009

Founders: Vinod Nair

It is South East Asia's personal finance portal. It is helpings consumers compare loans, credit cards, and insurance.

It is the largest financial portal in Southeast Asia. It is helping +99m people in Singapore, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.


2) TradeGecko



Founded: 2012

Founders: Bradley Priest, Cameron Priest, Carl Thompson

It is a software-as-a-service company that is Singapore based that develops online inventory and management software that is targeted at wholesalers and online retailers.

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3) Burpple



Founded: 2011

Founders: Dixon Chan, Elisha Ong, Daniel Hum

It was launched with a mission that helps people to find perfect places to enjoy their meals. It is now the food discovery platform in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. They believe that food has a special power of bonding.


4) Ghost



Founded: 2013

Founders: Hannah Wolfe, John O'Nolan

It is an open-source platform for publishing. It provides its user's tools so users can create their own online publications.

Their platform helps its users to access multi-user blogs and other team members so users can get involved in writing about the field in which they are specialized in.


5) SnapHunt



Founded: 2017

Founders: Tulika Tripathi

It is a recruiting platform. It helps companies in finding the source, screen, and talent for a skill & personality fit. They leverage technology and helps companies to find great talented people with skills they love.

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 FoundedComing soon

FoundersComing soon

Better manage sales reps.

We can win the cross-border games by using multi-currency, custom packing lists and other workflow documents.

We can also manage products with their serial number, batch, production, variants & multi-location firepower.

Multi-language for documents.

Back to backorders.

Here we can Know every historical company's data with only in few clicks.


7) Delta Exchange



Founded: 2018

Founders: Jitender Tokas, Pankaj Balani, Saurabh Goyal

It is a digital asset for derivatives exchange.

It is building the financial marketplace for the future by pioneering cryptocurrencies. It is a crypto-native company. It offers trading futures for crypto-currencies.

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8) MageSolution



Founded: 2007

Founders: Coming soon

It is providing Magento Solutions for us with lots of excellent extensions and themes. It brings blogging to an e-commerce store and there is no need for any extra framework.


9) Digify



Founded: 2011

Founders: Augustine Lim, Chee-Yuh Loong

It protects companies and keeps control of all their confidential documents.

It is a document security service that is cloud-based. It helps companies to protect confidential documents and keep control. It features document security, virtual data rooms, platform integrations, and file tracking statistics. It helps its users to track, protect, and control the document information that they have sent to a recipient.


10) Osome



Founded: 2017

Founders: Konstantin Lange, Victor Lysenko

It is a service that helps foreign and entrepreneurs with accounting in the UK. We can easily outsource our paperwork by using these online accounting services.

It is an online assistant and it provides company incorporation, immigration services, accounting, and corporate secretary in UK, Singapore, and Hong Kong.


11) StarNgage



Founded: Coming soon

Founders: Coming soon

It was created for quality brands and visual content creators so they can discover each other and collaborate with their terms.

It is a Marketing platform which is helping brands manage, analyze, customize, and measure marketing campaigns on Instagram.


12) REVE Chat



Founded: 2014

Founders: M. Rezaul Hassan

It is a live chat Omni-channel and it is also a customer engagement platform. It provides real-time assistance to website visitors for their customer service and it helps them boost their sales conversions. They can engage with their customers with various channels such as Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram, Mobile apps (Android, iOS), Website live chat, Voice/ Video Chat, using a single platform.

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This was our list of famous, successful startups and businesses from Indonesia. Hope this list of startup companies in Indonesia helps you. All these startups are one's an idea and which are after hard work become big companies and businesses. If you have any idea then start your own business with lots of hard work and quality service you will be on these lists.


Contact us to get featured in this list from wherever you live in Indonesia if you are running a startup or a business and have high potential.


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