India's Recent Startup To Invest 2021

Ubreathe Life plant-based air purifier and Vinata Aeromobility hybrid flying car

Startups in India

India's recent startup that has attracted many investors in a short period of time and becomes popular they are :

1. Ubreathe Life plant-based air purifier

2. Vinata Aeromobility hybrid flying car

1. Ubreathe Life plant-based air purifier

Ubreathe Life

A living-plant-based air purifier named "Ubreathe Life" developed by Scientists of Indian IT (Institutes of Technology), Ropar, and Kanpur jointly with the Faculty of Management Studies of Delhi University that enables the air purification process in indoor spaces.

It is the world's first, state-of-the-art 'Smart Bio-Filter'

Professor of Institutes of Technology Ropar Rajeev Ahuja says that the AQI which stands for Air Quality Index for a room size of 150sq.ft. that was 311 and after using 'Ubreathe Life' air purifier it drops to 39 in just 15 minutes.

He also said that this is the first in the world made with living plant-based air purifier and these will help the world which we can put in our indoors.

It can be put and used indoor anywhere such as schools, offices, hospitals, and our Homes.

The plants that we can put in are very specific which are listed by NASA as the best indoor plants. The plants which are tested for air-purification include Snake Plant, Spider plant, Peace Lily, etc. They all have given good results for air purifying in indoor air.

It is very effective and it improves our indoor air quality. It helps in removing small particulates, biological contaminants, and gaseous. It increases oxygen levels in our indoor space by using plants, filters, and UV disinfection with high-efficiency particulate air which is all present in the wooden box.

There is a centrifugal fan inside the purifier which creates pressure, and releases purified air which is formed at the roots of plants, in a 360degree direction through the outlet.



2. Vinata Aeromobility hybrid flying car


Vinata Aeromobility

It is a Chennai-based Vinata Aeromobility startup.

It was launch on 5th October at the world's largest Heli-tech Exhibition which is in London.

These Vinata's is a hybrid flying car with features like digital instrument panels with AI (artificial intelligence) that makes the experience more engaging and hassle-free by flaying this car.

The company says that it contains a GPS tracker and also an entertainment board. This flying car is luxurious and has an appealing exterior. It provides a 300- degree view

The flying car weighs 110okg and it can handle a maximum weight of up to 1300kg which can take two people comfortably.

The flying car uses a Co-axial quad-rotor. This flying car can take a speed range up to 100-120km/h with a flight time of 60 minutes and height up to 3,000 feet.

This flying car works on BioFuel that is environmentally friendly.

It provides backup power in case of electricity inputs in the motor. They also provide airbags with complete ejection parachutes.



This was our list of famous, successful Technology startups and businesses in India. Hope this India's Recent Startup To Invest In the Future helps you. All these startups are one's an idea and which are after hard work become big companies and businesses. If you have any idea then start your own business with lots of hard work and quality service you will be in our these lists.

Contact us to get featured in this list from wherever you live in India if you are running a startup or a business and have high potential.

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